- an Arizona tale

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Rocky Squirrel and his friends live in the Arizona desert where spiny cactuses grow as tall as trees. It’s a warm, friendly place to live, but the bushes can claw you, and outside the walls that protect Cactusville lurk Tittle Tattlesnake, Bob Cat, and the dangerous Patapat tribe. One day, as he hunts for nuts and seeds, Rocky gets lost…

For ages 3-10 years.

Size 216 x 216 mm (8.5" x 8.5"), 32 pages, 11 full-size illustrations (watercolors) plus text.

Text: Leif Lundquist
Illustrations: Britt-Marie Flynn
Translation: Margot Lundquist

ISBN 91-974941-3-7
Published by Comreco AB, 2010