New Sweden - a 17th Century Venture in Colonial America

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Published by Comreco AB, 2009

Historic novel by Leif Lundquist

Long Journey to the South River



A story of how a colony was born — an adventure during war and turmoil



A great present for friends and relatives — in Sweden, USA, or anywhere!
To the New World

New Sweden is in America, but where is America?

Chances are that a young man will be dead within a year if he is drafted into King Gustavus Adolphus’s army to fight for the Protestant cause in the Thirty Years’ War against the Catholics. For Ben Vogel, it’s the beginning of a long, perilous journey to a new land that some still call India. First he must collect war tributes in the midst of misery, starvation, and destruction in Europe. The king falls in battle, and Chancellor Oxenstierna assigns Ben’s company to escort the royal body and the distraught queen home to Stockholm. They battle snowstorms as wolves howl at their heels. They’re attacked by Catholic martyrs, and all the while Queen Maria Eleonora is becoming increasingly deranged. The solemn funeral procession turns into a bizarre carnival.

Dutch merchants, unhappy with New Netherland, propose a new venture to Oxenstierna, and Peter Minuit becomes the director. On his first expedition he buys land from the Indians and establishes New Sweden on the Delaware River. In Stockholm Ben falls in love, but treachery and tragedy intervene. To save him from powerful enemies, his commander finds him a place in the New Sweden Company. Seven hazardous months after Calmare Nyckel weighed anchor, Ben steps ashore in the new world. He struggles along with other settlers to build the new colony. The land is rich, but the colony is small and support from Sweden sporadic. The colonists get along well with the Indians, but European diseases wipe out whole native villages. Ben scouts the new land, finds love again, and builds a new life as a trader and pioneer.

Note: New Sweden (1638-1655) spanned parts of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The first settlement was at Fort Christina on the Christina River (Minquas Kill) in Wilmington, DE.

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Published by COMRECO AB, 2009
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